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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What method of discipline to you use?

A: My primary method of discipline is redirection. For example:  If a child is attempting to pull a toy from another’s grasp, the child would be reminded of sharing and then would be redirected to another activity. If inappropriate behavior continues I then utilize time out.  The child is separated from the dispute and sits/stands in time out for 1 minute for each year of age. Corporal punishment of any kind is strictly prohibited. 

Q: Do you serve meals?
A: YES, here is a sample menu.Menu


Q: Do you accommodate special diets?
A:Yes.  We are experienced in accommodating food allergies, nursing babies, and other dietary issues.

Q: Do you follow the county school weather closing schedules?
A: No.  We are open as long as the utilities required by state law are functioning properly.  We are open during snow events. If there is no power or water we are required to close.

Q: Do you care for sick children?
A: No.  We are not permitted to provide for care of a sick child who exhibit: Vomiting; Fever; Seizures; Severe pain; Diarrhea; Serious transmissible infection or communicable disease

Q: Do you potty train?
A: Yes.